Visitors passing by room 42 in the CAC Elementary School in the next few days will notice something a bit out of the ordinary: 10 baby chicks happily hopping around in a wooden cage. For 21 days, CAC Kindergarten students diligently monitored, turned, and cared for an incubator full of eggs as part of an annual science unit on the life cycle of animals.

Kindergarten teacher Ana Chavez explained how the lessons are organized to help students direct their own learning process. “It’s an inquiry-based unit. Students begin by saying what they know about animals to start making connections. A lot of conversations happen in small groups, and later on we introduce the science project.”

Nora Shawki ‘08 discovered her passion for Egyptology two weeks after arriving at CAC in third grade. “We had to take an Egypt culture class, and my teacher Jailan Abbas showed us a movie reenactment of Howard Carter discovering King Tut’s tomb.” She explained, “it was one of the first times I saw anything that had to do with Egyptology, and this class made me more interested in my own heritage. When I saw that movie I thought, ‘this is what I want to do.’”




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