CAC provides a number of benefits and services to former students, graduates, parents of alumni, and former faculty/staff. Make sure your email address is up-to-date in our directory so you can hear about the benefits and events that are relevant to you! 

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Lifetime Alumni ID

CAC's Board of Trustees sets the policy regarding access to campus. The Lifetime Alumni ID grants access to campus facilities like the Hassan/Webb Aquatics Center, gym, track, weight room, and library. For the purpose of obtaining your free Lifetime Alumni ID, alumni is defined as:
  • Any student that attended CAC for two years or more, even if he or she did not graduate from CAC.
  • Any student that graduated from CAC, even if he or she only attended 12th grade.
  • Parents of alumni (of graduates and/or students who attended at least two years) 
  • Former faculty & support staff who were employed by CAC for five years or more, and their spouses and children.

For the purpose of obtaining a discounted Non-Affiliate ID for your spouse or family member, the annual fee for alumni families is $100 per family member or $500 for the whole family. Annual memberships begin each September. For more information regarding ID cards and facility, contact the Registrar here

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Transcript Assistance

If you require an official document stating your attendance at CAC, please contact us to order a copy of your transcript.

Diploma Replacement

CAC cannot duplicate an official diploma. However, If you need official documents proving your attendance at CAC, the school can issue you an official transcript. If transcripts are not accepted by your employer, the school may be able to create a replacement Papyrus diploma. To order your replacement Papyrus, contact us.

Campus Tours

Alumni are welcome at CAC. If you do not have a Lifetime Alumni ID, kindly inform us in advance.  All visitors must be accompanied on campus and you'll need to sign in/out when entering/exiting campus. Visitors are requested to use the main entrance on Rd 253.

Access to Yearbooks Online

Thanks to community volunteers, CAC has a growing digital archive of our yearbooks for all registered members to enjoy. Click here to find your old photos! 

Discounted Events

Join our online directory and receive event announcements and discounted pricing on upcoming reunions. 



The community of Cairo American College (CAC) - comprising alumni, parents, school employees, and local corporate partners - participates in a dynamic environment where individuals learn, explore, and grow into compassionate global citizens. Read more

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